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    • johanvanbuggenum

      Women, women…. You are women. Per def not a gamer, for we are white, loner suburbian men with attitude noproblems, no girlfriends and a brain to kill for…. I must agree games are getting more commercial, repetative, unaspiring and disturbing every year, but i think, no i know that it is because the leaders in the gaming industry now-adays are not gamers, but in fact simple coroporate conformist managers who are in charge of the moneypiles the big game producing companies have. Visionaries are rare, because the money required to build a truely visionary game requires piles of money only corporate conformists control and they lack the ability to see that the visionary gamers` vision will truely be the new road to financial victory…  GO on RObert, keep dreaming and i will meet you in visionary heaven someday!!!!

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