15 Reasons Why “Gallery Girls” Should Never Have Been Cancelled

The greatest most terrible one-season show remembered a year after its premiere.

1. Because Angela.

2. Every Monday night she gave us the coolest, most fashion-forward attitude. So NYC!

3. She also inspired us by rejecting her parents’ dream of medical school. (what Asian kid from Orange County DOES THAT?)

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4. Angela does. And she also does dating better than that matchmaker woman whose Bravo show was NOT cancelled after one season.

5. I mean, the show wasn’t all Angela. Chantal had her moments.

6. And I feel like we barely scratched the surface with Eli. (Where did his Sinophilia come from? Did he really sleep with Sad Amy? etc.)

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7. But the truth is, Angela was the Lauren Conrad we always wanted.

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8. Because while aimless and vapid, she had actual things to say.

9. And moved between self-awareness and self-involvement like a dancer.

10. Her excellently-timed bitchface alone was worth more than the entire season of the RENEWED “Vanderpump Rules.”

11. In her, we all saw a part of ourselves.

12. We related to her, and knew exactly what she meant when she said she was inspired by “moroseness and cinema.”

Via Aleim

13. She was so generous. You just wish one Bravo exec had the fucking sense to give her a spinoff.

14. Angela, Angela, Angela, our favorite Gallery Girl.

15. We would sacrifice 1,000,000 Sad Amys to have you back.

Via BravoTV

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