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Here's How Regular People Reacted To Apple's Big Announcements

I asked some friends outside of the tech world what they thought about the Apple event and the new products the company unveiled today.

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Before the event:

"I heard about the big announcement on the news — most likely ABC News. I'm not that anxious to tune in right when they release it but I'll definitely be paying attention for when they talk about it on the news later tonight. I know its going to be all over the news anyway, so why do the work? I'll just wait for it to show up on the news on TV or read a post on Reddit." —Karina, 23, community partnerships and volunteer coordinator

Pretty sad that Google Wallet's been around for 3 years, yet iWallet/iDough/iChedda will be seen as a revolution. Google = bad at marketing.


Pretty sad that Google Wallet's been around for 3 years, yet iWallet/iDough/iChedda will be seen as a revolution. Google = bad at marketing.

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During the event:

"I'm watching the news about it at the gym actually. [Otherwise] I wouldn't have watched it probably. I was just on my treadmill and I was gonna put E! on but I was a little curious. And Derek Blasberg (Harper's Bazaar's editor at large) is there according to [Instagram] so I googled a little to find out the situation." —Shaun, 23, unemployed

"These translators are so annoying. Why are they so close to the speakers?" —Maria, 22, recent graduate


On the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

"The Plus seems so big; how does that fit in your pocket?" —Maria

"The new phone looks pretty awesome and the improvements look cool, but I will never call something I own a phablet, otherwise I'd have to kick my own ass." —Derek, 23, freelance writer-photographer and journalism student

"I love [the sapphire glass]. I mean, I don't have a case for my 5S; I didn't have one for the other iPhones I have. [I] never liked the feeling of having a case. The Otter Box was a brick [and when you were] taking it out from your pocket [you] had to catch everything else that came out," —Dominic, 25, volunteer firefighter and student

On the Apple Watch:

"Who the eff would buy an iWatch? Like, I have a Breitling. No thanks. I'm not too sure what the iWatch is but like I don't see people who are into watches getting it — maybe just techies [who] like Google Glass." —Shaun

"That's really cool. Also I was reading in the paper about it and if you're sick or just had surgery or anything it'll help make sure you're OK, which I think is sick. It's definitely going to be hard to get people to wear it instead of luxury brand watches, but maybe it'll be like a work watch or day watch or something." —Maria

"As a journalist, the iWatch looks enticing. The ability to access Siri-enabled maps and send messages without having to hold a phone? There's a lot to say about the usefulness of that. There are other good smart watches out there, like the Moto 360, but the seamlessness of Apple products is hard to match." —Marguerite, 23, journalism student

"Well, the watch looks really cool, but seems like more of a novelty to me. I'd feel a bit silly walking around with a $350 super-watch on." —Derek

"I don't know all the features it has, but I think personally it'll be a waste of money. What can you do? Swipe so you can answer calls and see who's texting you. I'd rather just pick up my phone. I think I could live without it. " —Dominic


Would they buy the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or the Apple Watch?

"I wouldn't buy the iPhone 6 or its larger brother because nothing is revolutionary about it. Apple Pay is an example of tech that Apple calls new but the rest of us have had for years à la NFC. I wouldn't buy the iWatch simply because it looks like a square brick strapped to a wrist. If I had to buy a smart watch, I think I would purchase the Moto 360 as it looks unlike any other smart watch before it." —Matt, 24, mechanical engineer

"I waited until I was desperate for a new phone and jumped from the 4 to the 5S. I'm a broke freelancing grad student now, so I'll have to wait a bit before splurging on a 6." —Derek

"I'm gonna have a Cartier tank watch, so suck it Apple." —Shaun

"I don't have an upgrade for another year so I would probably just wait for the next version. If I had to choose, probably the 6. The Plus is too big to carry around especially if you're going out. My bag isn't big enough." —Maria

"There have been so many apps coming out that are exclusive to Apple and not available to Androids, and for the first time I actually might consider getting an iPhone and I wanna know how worth it it is." —Karina

After the event:

@JMBooyah Touch iD and the fact that everyones CC#s are already stored means Apple Pay is the smoother experience of the two, no doubt.


@JMBooyah Touch iD and the fact that everyones CC#s are already stored means Apple Pay is the smoother experience of the two, no doubt.

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"I expected a new and bigger iPhone — I didn't expect two, especially the bigger one. I'm interested in total sales broken down between all iPhones and iPads after the larger models and before. I would bet Steve Jobs was correct in not offering more sizes, as I imagine they will eat into each other's marketshare." —Matt

"Was Bono involved TODAY? Or was that a throwback? I don't understand what Bono has to do with any of this, but then again I never understand why he shoehorns himself into anything." —Derek

Yes, Bono was involved:

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