Which Resident Of 2102 Are You?

It’s time for you to know.

  1. How do you deal with your stress?
    1. Squeezing something a stress ball.
    2. Murder. Murder. Murder.
    3. I don’t deal with much stress.
    4. Breathing slowly
    5. Meditation
  2. Pick an activity
    1. Singing
    2. Dancing
    3. Reading
    4. Fighting
    5. Eating
  3. Pick a color
    1. Red
    2. Blue
    3. Green
    4. Purple
    5. Yello
  4. What is your opinion on the movie Jurassic Park?
    1. TOO LOUD
    2. Fave
    3. Didn’t like it
    4. I couldn’t care less
    5. I haven’t seen it
  5. How do you feel about F. D. Roosevelt
    1. I don’t know anything about him
    2. I don’t like what he did
    3. I don’t care much
    4. I think his New Deal did a lot for the nation and was a necessary measure to keep the country as a major power.
    5. Polio?
  6. What's your opinion on the drinking age?
    1. It’s fine
    2. It’s should be lowered
    3. It should be raised
    4. There is an argument that lowering the drinking age will cause younger Americans more pain and misery than it will bring them good. There is discussion that doing so will result in more deaths from automotive accidents and similar situations. I subscribe
    5. I know nothing about it
  7. Pick a food
    1. Roast Beef
    2. Chicken Parmesan
    3. Lo Mein
    4. Pizza
    5. Flightless Fruit Flies
  8. What is your best feature?
    1. My face
    2. My hair
    3. My teeth
    4. My eyes
    5. My smile

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