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Halifax's 10 Hottest Bachelors That You Need To Friend Request On Facebook

A countdown of the most amazing & spectacular men available in Halifax

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1. Dave Culligan

Yup! Everyone's favourite video logger is available and on the market. Dating perks include caffeine overdoses & long walks on the beach underneath the famous Culli-Drone. Dave is a great guy that practices how to kiss on his mirror.


2. Sabby

If you are interested in guy that will freak out your parents... LOOK NO FURTHER! (6'4" 240 Lbs) When Sabby isn't out doing club promotions (Sabinaro Pepper Passes™) you can usually find him taking photos with dogs at the beach or doing a rap verse on Spring Garden road.


3. Hugo Blender

The Legend himself. When Hugo Blender (AKA Kirk Budden) steps into a room full of girls they instantly become women. Hugo puts on his shirts the same way as everyone else - one arm at a time then tied together at the bottom. To Hugo; each day is something to cherish.

Noteable: Hugo has an evil twin brother named EJ. If it looks like Hugo but there's a massive throbbing vein in his forehead, RUN!! because thats not Blender, Thats EJ.


4. Jordan & Freddy Ghosn

These are the brilliant minds behind "Brown Man's Corner" at Argyle. (An area of the bar exclusively for Lebanese & Armenian people drinking a ton of Sambuca & Ouzo ) Jordan knows every word to every Drake song which is a total blessing in a pinch. Freddy has a boat but no boat licence. Bad-Boy ALERT!

Foreign? yes

Exotic? Sort of.



5. Ryan Healy (PASTE)

Tinder Social

An executive at Halifax's gem EAST COAST LIFESTYLE. Paste is a known bad-boy and the ladies cant get enough of it. If you're looking to have a personal encounter with Ryan - you'd be best off seeking out the Bleached blonde at Toothy Moose dressed in high fashion. For those that either 18 years old or shy I recommend you try "Tinder Social" He is one of Halifax's most active.


6. Joey Tracey

A Bad-Boy amoungst Bad-Boys Women consider him cunning and brave.. He has a lot of love to give. A self described BAD-BOY GOOD SON. His favourite song is "Temperature" by Sean Paul. Mysterious guy that knows how to boogie.

Likely the best and well rounded bachelor on the list. Maybe on all of earth.


7. Jano Armoyan

Fresh meat to Halifax all the way from MIAMI His interests include: Beating people up, Repping Armenia, Shark fishing, and splurging on drinks at Brown Man's Corner. Ever wanted a man that is tanned and has a taste for blood? Here's your chance!


8. Fabio Lamzoni

Graduated from Dal Engineering. Has since turned down many high paying jobs to spend more time doing the things he loves: "Goin' Dancin", watching sporting events(Picture related), and heading to the Spryfield Wavepool for adult swims. Fabio is the type of guy to make you a wonderful salad (KNOWN VEGETARIAN ALERT) and pour you up a nice glass of Pinot Noir before he ever lays a paw on you. A True Gentleman


9. John Cooke

Out spoken man with one of the biggest hearts in the city. Known to write poems to let a lady know she has someone interested in her. Very dedicated and Charitable guy, he will be doing a Kayak Tour to raise funds for Cancer research. He is as elusive as he is brave. He wont be a bachelor for long (HE HAS A WAY WITH WOMEN)


10. Graham Buhr

Graduated from SMU's Rigorous Commerce program and hasn't taken off his suit since. A fierce traditionalist. Graham Doesn't kiss and tell. . Looking for something serious, this is the Bachelor for you.

Well dressed? YUP!

Hard working? Sort of



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