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Which Member Of 74Fun Are You?

2 years ago, the Fungalow (RIP) shocked the world with a personality quiz like no other ( <<-- here's the link if you haven't taken it yet). Since then we've rebranded after the loss of Alex Keller to the real world (dog washing) and are now 74Fun. Take this quiz to find out which member of 74Fun is most like you!

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  1. Where is your ideal spring break destination?

    A.k.a. please help us decide where to go for spring break!!!
    Searching "Spring Break" in google images

    A.k.a. please help us decide where to go for spring break!!!

    Not Montreal
    Montreal but with a Maple Leaf Emoji
    Florida Keys
    I don't want to go anywhere
  2. What's your go to meal?

    Our Fridge <333
    Tomato soup and grilled cheese
    Salt and pepper chicken
    I get the necessary nutrients I need through photosynthesis
    An omelette
    A veggie burger
    Whatever's in the fridge
  3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    No holding back here

    No holding back here

    Staying in Syracuse, NY
    I have no idea
    Watching the Big Bang Theory
    In Worcester, MA
    F**k this question
    Living off of Malex's 401K
  4. What's your drink of choice on a night on the town?
    Kyle at his happy place

    Boxed wine
    Green apple flavored vodka taken in the form of 5 rapid fire shots right before going out anywhere
    Brisk iced tea (duh)
    Water from lake Onondaga
    Just not wine
  5. What 2 things would you bring with you to a desert island?

    A book and a fishing spear
    My dog and an inflatable bouncy castle
    Math books and a fire making kit
    Brownies and peanut brittle
    A computer and a file containing every episode of LOST
    Nothing, I don't need material possessions
  6. What's your preferred method of communication?

    Talking on the phone
  7. If you could get lunch with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

    Someone creative
    Harry Kane
    Ernest Hemingway
    Conan O'Brien
    LeBron James
    Mohatma Ghandi
    I already told you I get my daily amount of nutrients from photosynthesis so this question doesn't apply to me!!!
  8. If your life was a TV show, what would the name of it be?

    Skating By
    Survivor Boy
    Is This Real Life?
    Click 2
    The Big Bang Theory
  9. What is your spirit animal?

    White mare
    Sugar glider
    Beluga whale
  10. What's the most annoying thing about living in 74Fun?

    Google Maps
    Arguing over the thermostat
    The wifi password is stupid
    There are always dirty dishes
    The laundry has never worked
    Nothing! My living situation is perfect
  11. What's your go-to song when someone hands you the AUX cord?

    Taken by someone who has a lot of AUX cords
    Africa by Toto
    Don't You Need Somebody by RedOne
    Killer Whales by Smallpools
    The full audio from Kate Plus 8 Season 1 Episode 5
    I never get the AUX because Kyle is a playlist czar
    Shake It by Metro Station
  12. How fast can you finish a 13.1 mile half marathon?

    It depends how much I stretch my hip flexors before
    I didn't run it
    Not that fast but faster than Malex

Which Member Of 74Fun Are You?

You got: Joey

Dude sick! You got Joey! I know I'm going to regret saying this, but you're pretty funny. Don't let it go to your head. Wow, it already went to your head? Ok moving on then. You're very emotional and caring which means you have a tendency to say exactly what you're thinking. Usually, this isn't an issue but sometimes it get's you in trouble. You're NOT good with surprises which is why you refuse to watch horror movies (except for The Room) and why you look up the results to Are You The One every week before 74Fun watches it together. Arguably your biggest impact at 74Fun is serving as the unofficial head of the party planning committee where you work hard to throw memorable parties showcased around our famous mustard raffle.

Someone Reliable
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You got: Malex

"First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil!" You got Malex, or "Matt" if you're introducing him to the ladies. You're built like a Greek god but only because of your dedicated gym routine that includes driving there instead of walking, posing in the mirror for at least 20 minutes, and then downing 2 protein shakes when you get back. You like things done your way which is good because you usually make the right decision EXCEPT when it comes to your hot takes. While you may have bad judgment when it comes to certain things (like how you think Jennifer Aniston isn't attractive) you're a great friend who's always ready to throw hands when need be.

Malex's Personal Collection
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You got: Kyle

Aspecto potrono! You got Kyle! While you haven't recovered after losing the 74Fun heartthrob superlative to Malex, you're content for now because of the recent success of the (San Antonio) Spurs, your favorite soccer team. Off the pitch, you're having a pretty good year too. Your tomato soup based diet proved to work as you came in second place in the 74Fun Run half-marathon. You're always ready to laugh and have a good time but are conscious of where the line is when joking around with other people, a quality that makes it very fun to live with you.

RHMA (RompHim Models of America)
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You got: Grant

Bazinga! You got Grant! You like The Big Bang Theory unironically which is questionable but we'll let it slide because your other qualities make up for it. You're a star athlete (see Longmont Times-Call) but you never let that get in the way of having a good time while playing sports. You're an incredible cook and are always ready to party at a moments notice. You may always forget to wear a belt but you never forget 74Fun since you make everyone a homemade cake on their birthdays to celebrate. You're very intelligent and have a great vertical leap no matter what anyone else says. Overall, you are a really high-quality person.

US Beer Pong Team
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You got: Sam

Exclamation Point! You got Sam! You're the head honcho at the DO Sports section and Jim Boeheim even knows you by name. You made national news last year when The (now failing) New York Times published a piece you wrote in their Sunday paper. You have incredible drive and determination which shined in the half marathon as you came in 1st by a mile even though you trained by far the least. Even though you arn't at 74Fun very much, you're still a major part of our family and you make us proud of the things you're doing with your life. Just try to take shorter showers because you're jacking up our water bill!

Chucks RIP
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You got: You didn't get any of us!

Well this sucks! YOU DIDNT GET ANY OF US! We're pretty relatable and ~cool~ people yet you consistently managed to choose the 1 wrong answer out of 6. We're not sure what to do with you. Maybe you need to spend more time at 74Fun? Maybe you just need therapy to be more like us. Either way, we can work something out for you so you can learn to be more like us.

You didn't get any of us!
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