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You’ll never believe how much Britain spends on alcohol…

Broken Britain? More like BAD BRITAIN. A new infographic from reveals the crazy cost of the UK’s so-called ‘vice industries.’ Here are a few choice cuts…

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Britons knock back £38 billion worth of boozy drinks every year.

9% of British men and 4% of British women are dependent on the sauce.

Alcohol abuse costs the NHS £3.5 billion in an average year…

…but the UK government receives £14.6 billion in duties.

Oh...and in 2012, 300 children under the age of 11 were admitted to A&E for drinking too much.

Total value of the UK drug market = £8 billion.

1/3 of British adults have taken an illegal drug in their lifetime.

There are around 5,000 drug-related deaths in the UK every single year.

But good news! A regulated cannabis market could reduce our deficit by £1.25 billion.

Peace out bro!

Total value of the UK fast food industry = £96.1 billion.

40,000 people die annually from complications related to obesity.

McDonald's contributed £42 million to the UK economy in corporation tax last year. Cheers, Ronald!

However, poor diets and sedentary lifestyles cost the NHS £6 billion annually.

Each year, we cough up £15 billion on tobacco products.

22% of British men and 19% of British women are smokers.

Illnesses related to smoking kill 100,000 Brits annually.

We receive £9.5 billion a year in tobacco duties…

…but smoking costs the NHS £6 billion, on average.

The average household in Britain gambles away £166 in a year.

The UK online gambling market is worth over £2 billion.

567,000 Britons describe themselves as 'problem gamblers'…

…including some of the 300,000 12-15 year olds who regularly gamble on Facebook casino games.

But hey, at least the government gets £1.7 billion in gambling duties.

Total value of the UK porn industry = £3 billion.

Over 3 million families have reported finding their children viewing violent, explicit or pornographic material online.


6% of Brits under the age of 15 have accessed pornographic content on the web.

The provision of HIV treatment costs the NHS up to £750 million per year.

18% of British men have hired a prostitute!

Oh behave, Britain.

You can check out the full infographic here for more dirt on Team GB.

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