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    11 Things You Never Knew About Dan Bilzerian

    Love him or hate him, the internet can’t get enough of him. He’s some stuff you never knew about the King of Instagram.

    1. He claims to have once had sex with 16 women in 12 days.

    2. He has a net worth in the order of $100 million.

    3. He was almost a Navy SEAL.

    4. His name gets more monthly Google searches than Barack Obama.

    5. He’s been in the movies!

    6. He…kinda blows at poker. But knows how to make money.

    7. All that partying means he’s had not one, not two, but THREE heart attacks!

    8. He’s a canny businessman.

    9. He's got a bit of a temper.

    10. He has a cat!

    11. He’s still kind of a douchebag

    Like Dan Bilzerian? Loathe him? Just a fan of purdy pictures?

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