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    10 Unbelievable Facts About 'Third World' Countries

    It's time to question everything you think you know about the 21st Century...Co-credit to Mr. Matthew Hardwick Esq.

    The so-called 'third world' has more than its fair share of problems, but plenty of developing nations are definitely getting on the right track. So pull your head out of your privileged, first-world butt for two minutes and check out these misconception-busting facts about less-economically-developed countries.

    1) In Bangladesh, each woman gives birth to only 2.2 children on average

    2) 93% of Ethiopian infants now live to adulthood

    3) 85% of women in Botswana can read and write

    4) 85% of children in Namibia finish primary school

    5) 35% of people in Kenya use mobile banking

    6) The life expectancy of a child born today in Egypt is 73

    7) In Rwanda 97% of new-borns receive vaccinations

    8) 73% of people in rural Burkina Faso have access to improved water sources

    9) More people in poor countries now die from Cancer than from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined

    10) 75% of the world’s poorest people do not live in the world’s poorest countries