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    8 Times 7/11 Made You Think YOU Could Be Beyoncé (and Were Wrong)

    I mean, I can get a hotel room and a selfie stick, too!

    Beyoncé | 7/11 / Via

    The world (some of the world) was rocked when Beyoncé released a laid back, fixed-camera video for her song 7/11. The casual style of footage made about 19 million people think "I've danced in my underwear in a hotel room. I might be Beyonce!"

    These people were wrong.

    Found ya!

    You fall down in your bathroom all the time! Were you being filmed?

    Did *you* have six global tours?!

    Oh, my bad–it's Beyoncé. (not you) / Via

    This is how Beyoncé looks when Beyoncé falls.

    You look different when you fall.

    You look good here!

    Chair Dance Difficulty: moderate.

    But you could do it! You could do it and win 17 Grammys.

    Someone who is not you because they are someone fabulous (Beyoncé)

    When Beyoncé sits in a chair, sun rays gently, angelically push her in a circle.

    She is the one with the Grammys.

    Is this a .gif of you? / Via

    You can do a booty bounce that looks like this, maybe.

    This is your video!

    Oh, wait, that's someone else: Beyoncé. / Via

    This is Beyoncé. She can spin her cheeks like a Rubix Cube.

    That is different from what you do.

    U? / Via

    You spill drinks all the time!

    You're the one selling 75 million records!


    Oh, right. It's choreographed dance.

    It's a dance she's doing with her "friends." Like the dance she did at the Super Bowl halftime show with different "friends."

    THIS IS YOU! / Via

    You have a hairdryer or could find one quickly!!

    That's YOU with the separate wikipedia page just for your awards!

    Oh, whoops--no. It's that Beyoncé wizard again. / Via

    The hairdryer does not appear to be on.

    Beyoncé is the wind witch supreme.

    This is Lame-oncé

    Pssh, wrapping-paper-tube-light-saber-battling is so 2002-with-your-brother.

    You don't even care about this any more.

    Proud-oncé / Via

    Oh, god she's right.

    You do care! You very, very do!


    Here's a shot of someone and her friends hanging out.

    You and your friends hang out.

    Not you–Beyoncé–who is very different from you in most ways.

    Those are back (it) up dancers and they'd never let you be the top of the booty pyramid.

    These aren't your friends. Your friends are different, and unique, and not probably being paid.

    This is a person who might be you.

    Drunk in a hotel lobby! Nice! Did your friend's cousin just get married too!?

    Oh, this is a different thing than the thing I thought it was.

    Sorry, couldn't see the $350 million net worth in the first gif. Whoopsie!

    Ok, rub it in. You win, Beyoncé. / Via

    You win the job of being Beyoncé.

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