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    • joew33

      I’m callin bullshit on 22 + 23 & 24! 22 & 23 are pure fiction with the invention of the extremely successful VinylFlat Record Flattener & at $100 bucks it’s well worth the cost of 1 of these vs the cost to replace a warped up record later on. 24 you want to be extremely careful what you use to clean vinyl with because some cloths (if they’re not of a antistatic/anti-lint producing variety then you be leaving as much or maybe even more debris in the grooves of your records than you ‘re able to take away.) Same goes for cleaning fluids- it not specifically designated as safe for use on vinyl you could be using something that could be caustic to vinyl which’ll wind up wearing them out at a much faster rate vs normal wear & tear. my suggestion is to get yourself a record cleaning machine & when you talk these there is 1 that sits atop the mountain as the absolute best - that would be the keith monks record cleaning machine & with a $5000 price tag it had better be ( & trust me i’ve seen 1 in action … it is worth the price!!!!!!!) now there are several other makes & models of these machines from the Okki Nokki to the Nitty Gritty, from the VPI series to the ClearAudio & from the Spin-Clean to the Musichall there are definitely several to choose from. also if you insist on tryin to make your own cleaning solution you can follow this simple recipe - 1 part isopropyl alcohol to 2 parts distilled water & ensure you ‘re able to absorb the majority of the cleaning solution prior to applying the reacord cleaning brush to the record otherwise your gonna have a mess to clean up later.

    • joew33

      I’ve hit 3 of them , but there are a lot of great stores missing from the list. Stores like Bills Records in Dallas, Turntable Records in Austin, Gramaphone Records in Chicago, Hard To Find Records in the UK, Planet Retro Records in St. Petersburg, FL., Jerry’s Records in Pittsburgh, Chemical Records in the UK, 33/45 Record Store in Lieiden Holland & soooo many more that to have a list like this … well everyone’s gonna have a shop they know & love that’s gonna be left out.

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