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    • joeondish

      Oh yeah, how mean of the ‘hippies’ and ‘do gooders’ to call them nasty names!
      You call them ‘mongoloids’ (offensive on so many levels in itself), but then defend them as good people, even though in the same sentence you concede that they haveahistory of violence and right wing theories (extreme right wing,Imight add).
      This isn’t about sitting back and letting Islam (whichIassume is the ‘religious cult’ you refer to here) take over, this is about not lettingagroup of violent, small-minded, right wing, neo-nazi fascists persecute and oppress swathes of the community. Of course the EDL havearight to free speech, everybody does, but when that right is being exercised in such an aggressive fashion at the expense of other people’s freedom and even personal safety it becomesaproblem.Ialso find it amusing that you demand that the ‘hippies’ and ‘do-gooders’ ‘get out the road and let other people have their say’, when you also allege that these people ‘got us in this mess’ by doing exactly that. Are you confused?
      Iwould like to poseaquestion: What is it that gives the EDL (and supporters/sympathisers) so much right to this country over anybody else? Have they earned their Britishness? No. They just happen to have been born here, something you have no power over whatsoever. You could be Muslim, Scouser, Arab, Aborigine, Cockney, whatever. As long as you don’t impede on anybody else’s right to do so, surely you should be allowed to live your life where you choose? You don’t pick the ‘best’ country and fight for it, that’s incredibly small minded and intolerant.
      Isimply don’t understand how you cannot see what the EDL are doing wrong.

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