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    17 Signs You're A Coffee Addict According To New Girl

    Whether it's sadness, happiness, or anything in between, New Girl can fill up your love cup.

    1. When You Take The First Sip

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    The first sip is truly just the best feeling of the day. You need coffee, and this solidifies the addiction.

    2. Thinking of a World With No Coffee

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    It can't exist. When the apocalypse comes, you're going to be the first one raiding the coffee shops for your Colombian bags.

    3. When You Hear the Coffee Brewing

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    Whether you hear the barista grinding the beans or your Keurig is on automatic for the morning, it's a very intense sound that reaches you on numerous levels.

    4. You Feel As If You Can Take on the Day

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    You feel the brown liquid seep through your veins and it's like a superpower.

    5. You Don't Believe It When Someone Says They Hate Coffee

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    It's not a popular opinion, but it does happen. And when it does, you simply don't understand.

    6. When The Caffeine Hits

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    You instantly feel productive and ready to do anything.

    7. Starting the Day Off Right

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    You jump out of bed to aid your addiction.

    8. When You're in Caffeine Withdrawl

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    Caffeine Headaches are the worst, and unfortunately, they happen often!

    9. When You Out of Creamer

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    It's doable without it, but it really just adds flare!

    10. When You're Out of Coffee

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    It honestly means you have to plan the rest of the day to buy either a month's supply or stop at Starbucks.

    11. ....AND You Don't Have Time To Get Any

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    The Day is over. Tap Out. You're Done.

    12. But When You Finally Do Get Some...It's A Hug In A Cup

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    It might be a tad awkward, cause you're used to meeting one another in the morning. However, it's amazing nonetheless.

    13. When The Barista Gets Your Order Wrong

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    Most of the time, you do not notice until you're already in your car, driving away.

    14. When Someone Tries to Guess Your Order

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    It's comical how people can try to guess your order. Honey, don't even try.

    15. When You Go on an Anti-Coffee Binge

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    It never works. Why even try?

    16. Coffee Makes You Move Like This

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    A good cup of coffee makes you want to dance.

    17. Professing Your Undying Love Means You're Truly Addicted.

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    You've accepted it and you love it.