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    • joem60

      I’m really glad somebody posted the arrest affidavit because it clears up a lot of misconceptions in the Buzzfeed articles that are either the result of just lazy reporting or trying to present a certain version of the facts to make Hunt more sympathetic. So, everybody read it so you have all the facts that are being presented by the state of Florida. Here it is: 1) It is so clear that Hunt’s parents are trying to manipulate the LBGT community and siphon off support so she seems more sympathetic. Stop the hate? The rainbow T-Shirts? What that guy is doing is just shameful. 2) Everybody keeps mentioning “all the unreported male/female” “Romeo & Juliet” relationships and use that as proof as why this is because they’re “gay.” Again, read the arrest report. It is not illegal to “date” a 14-year old. It is illegal to “finger” a 14-year old when you are 18, not to mention that it was on school property, which would be grounds for suspension/expulsion. Also, the police have neither the time nor the manpower to interview every high school student to see if they are engaged in an illegal sexual relationship and to then follow up and prove it. The victim’s parents gave this information to police and who were to able to verify the information through the victim’s own statement. They have proof somebody broke the law, they HAVE to arrest them. Just because the victim’s parents called the cops to be vindictive it doesn’t change the fact that they have proof a law was broken. I’m 99% sure that it’s even out of the hands of the victim’s parents, that the state has to pursue these charges now. I’m sure if every parent of a 14 or 15 year old that was having sex with an adult called the police and were able to prove the sexual relationship, the arrests for statutory rape would skyrocket. 3) There’s another point and that’s of this whole “two consenting classmates.” The victim was/is 14-years-old at the time of the first sexual contact, in the eyes of the law, she cannot legally given consent to have any kind of sexual contact. The state of Florida allows 16 and 17 year-olds to have sex with somebody up to the age of 23. It really is a shame that these parents are manipulating the media and throwing words around like “hate,” because there are actual cases of legal sexual orientation discrimination

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