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    The Many Stages Of Eating Paleo

    If you’ve ever gone paleo, you know EXACTLY how each of these stages feel.

    The first time you ever hear the phrase “paleo diet"

    When someone tries to explain it to you

    When you take a look at the paleo food list, and realize you can't eat grains

    Or milk

    When your friend tells you he or she is doing it

    When you see your friend three months later

    The moment you say, "Screw it," and decide to try it

    The Last Day Before Going Fully Paleo

    Your first day eating 100% paleo

    The First Week

    Your First Carb Crash

    When you finally get into a groove about two weeks in

    One month later when you feel unstoppable.

    Your new reaction anytime someone mentions bacon

    You can't help but show off how good you feel.

    And you start to notice your skin is cleaner.

    The first time you try to create your own paleo recipes without instructions

    How you feel after successfully following instructions and making your first awesome breakfast recipes

    The first time you hear about Bulletproof Coffee!

    What you think it's going to taste like

    Your reaction when you actually taste it

    People think you're crazy

    And then they see you

    And you look in the mirror

    And you know you made a good call

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