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5 Julia Roberts Magazine Covers You Never Knew Were Hot

The best heat is latent.

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"America's Sweetheart" gracefully turns 47 years young today. And she's still Pretty Woman stunning enough to jump out of her own cake - in a Tom Ford button-down shirt. She's kept the hotness so classy you probably missed it. But don't worry, we've got you.

1. GQ, January 1991

Via GQ

Styling Note: the button-down shirt flirtatiously falls off the shoulder and elegantly drapes the leg. Hotness. Ok, it's not a Tom Ford shirt - he wasn't founded until 2004 - but told ya!

4. Allure, March 2009

Via Allure

"Men are so revealing when they're not trying to woo you." Ha! You'll never know, Julia! See, the cover quote makes her sound like she's not hot, and that's what makes it so hot!

5. InStyle, September 2014

AND... (drumroll, please)... THAT ELECTRIC SMILE! Julia is the cat's meow, and the Cheshire Cat's grin. This cover is why they keep supermarket magazines at the checkout, far from the frozen foods. Hotness!

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