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The Dominican Diaries: Remezcla’s Joel Moya Discovers J. Lo Chews Loudly, Not Happy About It

Remezcla's Joel Moya and J. Lo were both at the Marquis Theatre last night and SOMEONE ate crunchy snacks the whole time...

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Ed Note: Remezcla readers may remember Joel, our Sales and Partnerships Manager, from this… let’s say “unconventional”… Maná review we published back in April. From time to time we will be chronicling Joel’s escapades on the site, under the column: “The Dominican Diaries.”____________________________

My job takes me to lots of exciting places; last night it took me to the Marquis Theatre to see Evita (Ricky Martin is one of my guilty pleasures).

As the play was about to start a familiar face sat in the row across the aisle from me – it was none other than Jennifer Lopez, her boy toy Gasparin and her entourage. I could not concentrate on the show because Ms. Lopez was chewing something crunchy and her boy toy was texting throughout the entire play (I consider that really disrespectful to the performers and the audience).

Right before intermission they walked out of the theater and this is what they left behind:

Click the picture below to see the entire mess.

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