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Rockabilly & Latinos: A Remixing Case

There's an increasingly large number of Latinos who've adapted the rockabilly lifestyle, significantly in the west coast. Robert Rose travels to Viva Las Vegas, interviews rockabilly DJs, bloggers, and burlesque dancers, and finds out an interesting correlation between hillbilly culture, and Latino …

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I visited the 15th annual Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender this past April. I remember distinctly my very first Viva Las Vegas (VLV) in 2007 and I couldn’t help but notice how things have grown. To call VLV a weekender is a bit of an understatement. VLV lasts for four solid days, plus there’s a plethora of pre and post events; maybe they should shave the “ender” off and just call it “Viva Las Vegas Week.”

VLV is a place you can experience a world flipped on its head in a parallel 1950s universe where thousands of people dressed in character straight from an episode of Happy Days or I Love Lucy (but way cooler and with lots of tattoos). It’s a bit like taking a trip back in time where you get to bring along your Blackberry or iPhone.

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