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    22 Ways Bill De Blasio Is Outside Of The NY Mainstream

    When you look at Bill de Blasio's record, it is clear that he is not right for New York City

    1. Bill de Blasio opposes charter schools & educational equality

    2. De Blasio opposes a guest worker program

    3. De Blasio supports Bloomberg's soda ban

    4. De Blasio repeatedly voted to raise taxes on the middle class

    5. De Blasio wants to raise New Yorkers' taxes again

    6. De Blasio wanted to spend New York City’s rainy day fund before the Great Recession

    7. Voters say “Keeping crime rates down is more important than reforming stop and frisk,” 62-30 percent

    8. Bill de Blasio voted to bring police numbers down in New York

    9. During Crown Heights Riots, de Blasio failed in his responsibilities as a mayoral aide

    10. De Blasio staffers have said things like f#$% the cops! and kill the cops!

    12. De Blasio denounces Ray Kelly & wants to fire him

    13. The extreme left-wing group ACORN has been plotting to install de Blasio as mayor for years

    14. Ed Koch: Bill de Blasio is "too liberal"

    15. De Blasio supports building a garbage dump on the Upper East Side in a residential area

    16. De Blasio voted to gut welfare reform and loosen accountability

    17. De Blasio praised the closure of firehouses

    18. De Blasio wants to take Sandy recovery money from those who desperately need it

    19. De Blasio voted himself a pay raise from $90,000 to $112,500

    20. De Blasio is against a deal to keep Fresh Direct in New York

    21. Bill de Blasio's representative on the City Planning Commission, Michelle de la Uz, voted against building the Cornell Tech campus

    22. Really?! A Patriots & Red Sox fan!