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    1. Joe is bipartisan, having worked for Democrats & Republicans

    2. Joe is the original Brooklyn hipster

    4. Joe supports the decriminalization of marijuana

    5. Got the largest, most complex transit system in the country back up and running 3 days after Superstorm Sandy

    6. Joe Lhota has a beard

    7. Joe Lhota closed the Fresh Kills landfill, the largest garbage dump in the world

    8. Joe is an animal lover

    9. Simple math. Joe turned New York City's billion dollar deficit into a billion dollar surplus

    10. He loves Nathan's hot dogs

    11. Joe puts the best interest of city/country first, not political party

    12. Joe tweets his own tweets

    13. More beer for everyone!

    14. Joe loves the Twitter account @DRUNKHULK

    15. 2,000 murders a year; 9/11; Superstorm Sandy; Joe's confronted it all