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25 Reasons That You Probably Shouldn't Let Your Kids Watch "Rudolph"

No, seriously, these are the worst lessons that you could ever expose your children to!

JoelGreengrass • 4 years ago

This Is How BuzzFeed Does Movember

Made Ron Swanson so proud this past month. People around the office flexed their facial hair muscles to raise awareness and funds for men’s health programs.

JoelGreengrass • 4 years ago

This Just May Be The Cutest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge That You'll Ever See

This is Jordyn. Jordyn lost her Great Grandmother to ALS earlier this year.

JoelGreengrass • 4 years ago

67 Movies All Guys Will Drop What They're Doing To Watch

Even if it's half way through and they've seen it 16 times before.

JoelGreengrass • 5 years ago