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NFL Player Torrey Smith Denies Being Homophobic After Using Slur On Instagram

Baltimore Ravens receiver doesn't back down after TMZ report. This comes directly after former NFL player Chris Kluwe’s claims that his LGBT advocacy efforts ended his career.

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Torrey Smith
Doug Kapustin / MCT

Torrey Smith

Baltimore Ravens receiver Torrey Smith has denied that he was being homophobic after posting a photo on Instagram of a man wearing pink socks with the caption "Look at this queen."

"The things these gossip sites do to get attention smh," Smith said on his Twitter account today. "I wasn't being offensive nor am I homophobic not apologizing or taking it down."

Smith was responding to TMZ's report on the incident, which was headlined: "NFL Player Fires Off Homophobic Slur."

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Smith's Instagram gaffe comes only a day after former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe accused his former team of releasing him for his LGBT activism. Two weeks ago, Arizona Cardinals defensive star Darnell Dockett similarly refused to apologize after tweeting a racist joke about Chinese people.