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    • joel21

      Here is what is meant by “higher level conversation” — the actual data that WHO used to publish the “75 percent increased risk” figure in this story came fromameta-analysis of 688 subjects — 344 of whom used sunbeds in professional salons, 327 of whom used unmonitored home sunbeds and 27 of whom used dermatology phototherapy sunbeds (the same equipment used in doctors offices to treat psoriasis).  Analyzed by category, the dermatology phototherapy sunbeds increased risk 96 percent. The unmonitored home units increased risk 40 percent. And the salon sunbeds only accounted fora6 percent increase — and that included European data with Skin TypeIsubjects — people with skin so fair that we do not tan them in North American tanning salons. It’s not the tanning industry’s data. It’s the actual data in the WHO study.  “Higher-level conversation” means understanding that the science about UV light from any source supportsabalanced message — that there are risks to overexposure, but that “sun scare” overstatements are keeping the public from getting the whole picture.

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