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#OccupyWallStreet In Beautiful Polaroid

I spent a few days in Zucotti Park, getting to know the occupiers and taking some photographs with my 320 Land Camera. Here are just a few of the things people are doing at #occupywallstreet.

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  • Hanging Prayer Flags

    Hanging Prayer Flags

    Many faiths, creeds, genders, ages, and political ideologies are represented, but Solidarity keeps the peace.

  • Sleeping in Liberty Square

    Sleeping in Liberty Square

    Occupiers are sleeping on the ground in Zucotti Park (known during the Occupation as Liberty Square). Many don't have their own sleeping bags or bedrolls- donations made to the General Assembly can help secure necessities as we move into the winter occupation.

  • Making Signs

    Making Signs

    An unidentified occupier starts their morning by making a sign for the protest and march to Washington Square Park.

  • Reading the Journal

    Reading the Journal

    Protesters have organized into working groups to help address shared needs. The Media working group has created the Occupied Wall Street Journal, printed in English and Spanish. Click here to read the second edition!

  • Meditating at Sunrise

    Meditating at Sunrise

  • Protesting on Broadway

    Protesting on Broadway

  • Making Decisions as a Group

    Making Decisions as a Group

    The activists at Occupy Wall Street make decisions through consensus and long discussion.

  • Sharing Space, Resources

    Sharing Space, Resources

    Occupiers live in very close quarters, and many go to great lengths to respect each others spaces. Newspapers, books, and magazines are shared to save paper and pass on information.

  • Being Anonymous

    Being Anonymous

    Many of the Occupiers self-identify with the Anonymous movement, which has been involved since before the occupation began in earnest.

  • Growing in Numbers

    Growing in Numbers

    Each day the crowds in Liberty Square grow in number.

  • Making History

    Making History

  • Praying at the Shrine

    Praying at the Shrine

    An altar space has been erected around the tree at the corner of Liberty and Trinity. Occupiers spend quiet time in meditation at the foot of the tree, and often leave small items in vigil.

  • Respecting Property

    Respecting Property

    With relatively few exceptions, the occupiers respect the park, the plant life that grows there, and the possessions of their fellow 99%.

  • Tolerating Many Messages

    Tolerating Many Messages

    Many messages are present and tolerated as the #occupywallstreet family meditates on the many grievances the 99% has with the corrupt finance system.

  • Interviews Interviews Interviews!

    Interviews Interviews Interviews!

    Everyone wants to know what will happen; during my first 48 hours at Liberty Square, 5 separate crews of journalists asked to interview me. This team wanted to know about Consensus Decision Making.

  • Being Shackled by Debt

    Being Shackled by Debt

    College Graduates in America are saddled with staggering (and rapidly increasing) student loan debt; this ranks highly among the grievances of the 99%.

  • Dreaming of Peace, Love, and Taking Wall Street

    Dreaming of Peace, Love, and Taking Wall Street

  • Expressing Solidarity with Unions!

    Expressing Solidarity with Unions!

    Organized Labor remains one of the greatest tools of the 99% to protect the rights of the worker; many of the protesters feel solidarity with the unions.

  • Getting the Word Out!

    Getting the Word Out!

    The media is saying very little about the Occupation of Wall Street, and almost nothing without bias. The best way to learn what the 99% want is to talk to your friends, neighbors, and fellow patriots at the protest.