Things To Know Before You Watch Homeland

Homeland just cleaned up at the Emmy’s. Here’s a list of some random things for new fans to know before they delve in and watch all of season one.

1. It’s “Carrie,” Not “Kerri” / Via http://Seriable

A must-know for your Homeland related freak-out texting.

2. Saul Is Played By Inigo Montoya

Mandy Patinkin, the fresh-faced fencer from The Princess Bride, is almost unrecognizable as everyone’s favorite FBI mensch. He played the role of Inigo Montoya way back 1987, and was also well-known for his musical theatre roles, including Che in the original Broadway production of Evita

3. Brody’s Wife Is Played By Inara From Firefly

For all you Firefly fans who fell for Captain Mal’s on-again, off-again shipmate and ‘bonfide companion’ Inara, played by Morena Baccarin, get ready. Just don’t get too used to that long hair.

4. Pay Attention To Brodie’s Relationship With His Daughter

An important foil for Brodie, aside from Carrie, is his daughter, Dana. Pay attention to their relationship as it develops. It’s easy to lose track of this one in the midst of all the other ridiculous things going on, but it’s important for understanding something big later on.

5. Have Patience: Big Questions Will Be Answered

In the beginning, Homeland raises many, many, many questions. Lesser shows love to establish a myriad of mysteries and get too lazy to answer them. This is not a lesser show. Stick around. With sharp writing and a quickly escalating plot, nearly all of them are answered by the end of the season, while still leaving enough new loose ends (some REALLY loose) for the story to continue. Stick around, each episode gets more and more intense. Once you’ve hit “The Cabin” episode, things get really nuts. But the season ending payoff feels satisfying, and not overly dependent on a cliffhanger.

6. It’s One Of President Obama’s Favorite Shows

A narrative about terrorism and what it means to be an American sounds terribly polarizing, but our commander-in-chief has cited the show as one of his favorites. That should give a pretty good indication of how well the subject matter is executed.

7. You Can Watch The Whole First Season For Free Right Now

Avoid sketchy Google links and be smart about it. The entire first season is available on Netflix, and if you don’t already have a subscription, you can do a month-long trial for free. So you can watch the whole first season to decide if it’s worth getting Showtime.

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