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The Crimean Peninsula Crisis According To Sex And The City Gifs

So here's the skinny.

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This is the Crimean Peninsula (indicated in blue) (doodles mine)

February 21st: Pro-Russia Prez Viktor Yanukovych flees Ukraine/Feb 22nd: Ukraine gov deposes him

The interim president, Oleksandr Turchynov, is recognized by the US and EU, but Russia sees this as a coup d'etat and does not recognize the shift as illegitimate.

February 24th: Russian Citizen Aleksei Chalyi is chosen as mayor of Crimean city Sevastopol (previously mayor-less)

February 26: Pro-Russian forces (self-declared volunteers) take control of main access route to Sevastopol

February 27: 60 Pro-Russian gunmen take control of the Crimean Parliament building and Crimean Parliament holds an emergency session

Crimean Parliament decides to terminate Crimean government and replaces current Prime Minister Anatolii Mohyliov with member of the Russian Unity Party Sergey Aksyonov.

February 28: Pro-Russian militants take control of key buildings in Simferopol (Crimean capitol) as well appearing stationed outside Crimean airports

March 1: Russian Federation Council grants Putin permission to use armed forces in Ukraine to protect Russian interests

March 14: United States surveillance drone discovered flying over Crimea


March 16: 95.5% of voters in Crimea support referendum to join Russia

This is following the March 6th voting of the Crimean Supreme Council in favor of formally acceding to the Russian Federation

March 18: Putin signs a bill to absorb Crimea into the Russian Federation

March 24: Russia voted to be excluded from the Group of 8

Group of 8 (now Group of 7) previously included France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, USA, Canada and Russia

Early April: Pro-Russian forces occupy government buildings in Eastern Ukraine

April 15-September 4: Bloodshed.

Except for June 19th when a very briefly lived out truce was called...

...and swiftly broken

September 5: Ceasefire signed between Ukraine and Pro-Russian Rebels

Maybe not so much...

Ceasefire has been tense

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