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7 Things That Make No Sense

Why? Not even the eldest and most wizened of Sages could answer.

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2. Donatella Versace Ice Bucket Challenge

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Though there are many aspects of this video that make it perhaps the most quintessential piece of Italian-American Culture ever made (the bronzed Greek sculptures of models flanked with gold necklaces and somehow looking at us with the lust of a thousand suns that I certainly always feel when I think about ALS), the biggest question I personally have is this: Why does Versace not start this video sitting? A quandary that will persist for decades (or seconds) to come.

3. The New Macbook Chargers

Are we collectively as a consumer market really so simple as to not see that they just sort of changed the chargers (also for iphone/pad) so that we couldn't use the old ones if we lost the new ones? So that we couldn't share with anyone who had an older computer? I guess we are. Also the new chargers fall out so easily! How could we be hoodwinked so effectively? It's not that big of a deal but it definitely makes one wonder.

4. The Purge Franchise

I just don't think that's how people operate but ok! If we are to understand that The Purge: Anarchy covers the sixth annual Purge, that means that "The New Founding Fathers" convinced us that killing each other including family members is, like, normal. Which is great if you're into that kind of thing I guess. Also they don't really address rape which is odd. Also if crime were legal for one night, wouldn't the banks just suck out all of our digital money that night and we'd have to start from scratch? Some rewrites wouldn't have hurt. This definitely has the feeling of a first draft...that cost millions of dollars to make...

6. This

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This is inspired. Why isn't this famous? Half the video are credits made up of nonsense words.

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