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    • joeb12

      There is the in-community bias also … as an Asian, we’re expected to go to college, graduate, have a good career, get married to one woman and have kids - which is mostly the “norm” expected in most societies so it is easier to go along with the program … but AA’s have an additional burden - if they go along with the “program,” then they are accused of being “too white.” Or a cultural sellout … in fact, while it’s not every young black, there is a substantial portion who went along with the droopy pants look - a look from the PRISON SYSTEM where you were assigned ill fitting pants and no belt … think about that - is that the best culture choice to encourage a style look as if you were in prison - as if that’s a good thing? But again, that was the “cool” look and yes, non-blacks copied it also but the vast majority are AA’s … so it’s NOT a simple answer.

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