When I Was Your Age…

You punks think you’re so original with all that fancy-schmancy, newfangled crap of yours! Well, let me tell you something, sonny, you kids ain’t got nothing that we didn’t already have! Here, let me prove it to ya…

1. These were our “Hunger Games”

Four players enter, only one survives. How ya like them odds, boy-o?

2. We had a “Game of Thrones,” too

When the music stopped, so did your heart.

3. “Mad Men”? Try these on for size

Mad enough for ya, junior?

4. T-Mobile is nothing new, either

Our tea was plenty mobile, thank you very much!

5. This was OUR Weezy

And she made us laugh intentionally, princess!

6. You want a “Twilight” saga? You got it, Mister!

Sign me up for Team Serling, cupcake!

7. Smart phones? Yeah, we had those covered, too

And we dialed them like a MAN, sunshine! By the time I hit kindergarten, I had callouses on my index finger!

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