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    Use The Fondoodler And Make These Awesome Jalapeño Poppers

    Mmm, cheese!

    Cheese Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers

    Here's a video that shows you how to make them:

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    Yields: 12 jalapeño poppers

    12 jalapeños

    1 block pepper jack cheese

    24 toothpicks

    4 eggs

    1-2 cups flour, as needed

    1-2 cups bread crumbs, as needed


    We used this amazing gun, officially known as the Fondoodler (yes, you heard right!), to dispense hot melted cheese into each jalapeño (see Step #2 below). To find out more, click here.

    (PSST: We make money if you buy this crazy thing!)


    1. Cut the top off each jalapeño and core it, scraping out all the seeds, with the back side of a spoon.

    2. Fill the jalapeños with pepper jack cheese, either melted or cubed. To do this we used the Fondoodler.

    3. Place the top back on the jalapeños and secure with two toothpicks inserted diagonally. (Be sure each toothpick goes through both the top and the bottom of the jalapeño to secure it.)

    4. Dredge in flour, eggs, then breadcrumbs. For a thicker breading, double bread the jalapeños by repeating the egg and breadcrumb dredging.

    5. Heat oil to 325°F/160°C. Fry each jalapeño popper until golden brown (about 2-3 minutes).

    6. Cool and allow extra oil to drip off on a plate lined with paper towels.

    7. Season with salt and serve immediately once cooled enough to handle.

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