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A Tribute To How David Letterman Thanks Bands

An admission: Sometimes I skip to the end just to watch the thank yous.

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Did you catch Future Islands on Letterman?

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It's going semi-viral...

Lead singer Sameul T. Herring's hypnotic dance moves are getting a lot of the attention...

But my favorite part was Letterman's reaction.

"I'll take all of that you got" is pretty much the best compliment you can pay someone.

Turns out, this is just standard post-song behavior for Dave. Here he is totally cool with The Orwells writhing on his couch: "Oh, that was wonderful... Whaddya say, Paul? A little more of this?"

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This video's got some bonus Schaffer-writhing too.

It's safe to assume that Le1f and Dave don't have much in common, but he's so gracious, even making sure to thank the dancers as they scurry off stage.

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"Woah, I'd like to have those shoes."

Even way back in 1983, Dave was throwing out bonus hugs after he'd officially ended the show. What a guy.

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You get the sense that he lets his producers book the acts, and he's like a parent who just likes having kids around.

Or maybe he's a secret indie-rock aficionado. What we do know, is that he's particularly interested in the origin of your drums.

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Or he's just a total pro. Whatever the reason, carry on, Dave. We'll take all of that you've got.

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