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    20 Reasons To Become A Ballerina


    1. You'll be doing ballet-ballet, instead of ballet-inspired workouts.

    2. You’ll get to wear cool ballet outfits for class.

    3. Many cool ballet outfits.

    4. Seriously, even your grottiest leotard and warmup pants will magically look cool.

    5. You will know the power of flexibility.

    6. When you watch ballets, you'll know who's made a mistake.

    7. Or just be like:

    8. Two words: POINTE SHOES.

    9. No matter what they do to your feet, you will love your pointe shoes.

    10. There will be men in tights.

    11. Very attractive men in tights.

    12. Ballet terminology is in French, so you will learn all the French!

    13. You'll get fit.

    14. And photograph in a manner mere mortals can only dream of.

    15. And if you train hard enough you could be rocking out stuff like this:

    16. Which is more than we can say for Natalie Portman.

    17. At the very least, you'll be able to do ballet better than the Free People model.

    18. Because you're a ballet dancer.

    19. No matter what your level, or what anyone says.

    20. Unless it's your ballet teacher.