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18 Struggles Every College Senior Feels When Applying For Jobs

Oh the stress tears.

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1. Realizing there are 2 months until graduation and you haven't even started looking.

2. Having to rewrite your resume for the first time in nearly 4 years.

3. Trying to figure out what kind of job you can even get.

4. Scrolling through countless job search websites only to find out you aren’t qualified for any of them.

5. All positions asking for 2+ years experience.

6. Having to figure out what in the world a cover letter is.

7. Then realizing you have to write a SEPARATE cover letter for each job.

8. Wishing you had kept in touch with that one guy who worked at the one place that one time.

9. Finally finding a job you think you could maybe actually get.

10. But then realizing there are probably over 100 applicants for this ONE job.

11. Secretly hating all of your friends who can go work for their families.

12. Finding out most companies don’t even ask for your GPA.

13. Having regular mental breakdowns about being unemployed.

14. Getting to the point where you apply for literally everything.

15. ~Finally~ landing an interview and feeling on top of the world!

16. Then hearing it’s a Skype interview and just thinking WTF.

17. Researching the company ahead of time like it’s the most important homework assignment ever.

18. Realizing the hiring process takes literally forever and you still have months left of this.

Unless you're going to grad school, in which case God bless your soul.

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