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    • joc31

      No, because other people see you as characteristics, and grant you privileges or discriminate against you because of them. That is a fact of our culture, and putting on blinders does not fix that problem with our culture. We must first be aware, then we must act to create change. Being able to ignore privilege is, in fact, an aspect of privilege.

    • joc31

      I like the breadth of the survey, but the result “you’re not privileged at all” is VERY poorly worded. I AM privileged. Just because I lack privilege in some areas does not negate the privilege I hold in other areas, or the responsibility to fight the negative effects of my privilege on others. I may not be cisgendered, thin, or part of a mainstream religion, but I am still white, neuro-typical, and currently without disabilities. I don’t think it’s healthy to think so simplistically about privilege, or give anyone a “free pass” if they’ve collected enough hardships.

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