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    The 15 Stages Of Job Hunting Hell—New Grads, Beware

    We feel your pain.

    1. When you graduate, and you tell everyone you’re waiting to find your dream job.

    2. When you spend hours perfecting that first job application that you think you aced.

    3. When you realize you spelled a company’s name wrong in your cover letter.

    4. Or worse, when you realize you accidentally sent your cover letter to the wrong company.

    5. When you try to stand out with a creative resume.

    6. When you think you’ve found the perfect LinkedIn profile picture.

    7. When you’ve applied to every. single. job. on Indeed, Career Builder, and LinkedIn and haven’t heard back from anyone.

    8. When you have to resort to Craigslist job postings.

    9. When you’re officially the last one of your friends that still doesn’t have a job.

    10. When you realize the job market is a black hole, and have to acknowledge that your dream job doesn’t exist.

    11. When you finally get an interview when you least expect it.

    12. When you get called back for a second interview.

    13. And a third interview.

    14. When you FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY get a job offer.

    15. When you become that person who won’t shut up about their new job.

    Between misspelled cover letters and atrocious interviews, Jobvite has seen the best of the best and the worst of the worst (and so have our customers!). We know an awful lot about what companies look for in job applicants, how they find them, and why they keep them around.

    But at the end of the day, the one thing we know more than anything? Hard work pays off. You'll find the right job for you, so keep searching—but maybe ditch the pink resume, okay?

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