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    19 Signs That Owe The World An Explanation

    Behind every sign there's a story.

    1. This incredibly serious sign.

    2. This sign which blames everything on Moose.

    3. This sign which has the best intentions.

    4. This sign which makes you question why a warning is even necessary.

    5. This note which contains a very sane request.

    6. This message so necessary it had to be engraved and mounted above a very official-looking door knocker.

    7. This stark description that still wasn't enough to stop urinal-truthers interfering with it.

    8. This well intentioned message.

    9. This important notice that allows for a necessary exception.

    10. This, probably life-saving warning.

    11. This note which probably resulted from some very confused support technicians.

    12. This, perhaps a bit too detailed, graphic.

    13. This terrifying sign.

    14. This law suit waiting to happen.

    15. This joy-killing message.

    16. This sign for coffee addicts.

    17. This.

    18. This strict rule for coffee shops.

    19. This.