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    28 Ridiculous Things Spotted At British Universities

    What happens in the library...goes on Spotted.

    1. This person coming to terms with their probable imminent failure and preparing appropriately.

    2. This pun-tastic love letter.

    3. This student who can't handle the pressure.

    4. This drawing every student can identify with.

    5. This student who finds chairs support him in more than one way.

    6. This classic whiteboard drawing.

    7. This morality play in three acts.

    8. This friendly informative note from the library team.

    9. This example of student creativity at its finest.

    10. This brutally honest library notice.

    11. This perfect representation of how everyone feels in the middle of third term.

    12. This girl who definitely thought no one was looking.

    13. This student who makes a strong opening offer.

    14. This subject-specific flirtation which totally rocks.

    15. This literary love poem to a stranger.

    16. This bold but clever flirtation.

    17. This unfortunate note to last night's lover.

    18. This note which is probably what everyone in the library is thinking.

    19. This student sleeping in an inconvenient place.

    20. This glorious piece of 21st-century romance.

    21. Library workers taking their jobs very seriously.

    22. The most disappointing sandwich in the world.

    23. More sexy pick-up lines.

    24. Freshers being freshers.

    25. This guy.

    26. This person hoping to get Fresh with someone else in the library.

    27. These boys taking their beers for a swim.

    28. Students attempting to cocoon themselves from the reality of exams.