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Jul 28, 2014

What's Your Most Embarrassing Facebook Status?

2008 was such an awkward year on social media.

The early years of Facebook were a difficult time for everyone.

No one really understood what to write for their status updates.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

Some of us used them for totally ~subtle~ flirting.

The London Studios / Via

While others used it to record their teenage milestones.

Flower Films / Via

And no one was shy to share their opinions... no matter how much they might have changed since then.

Alan White
Robin Edds
Declan Cashin

But whether you were throwing shade...

Cate Sevilla

...or publicly freaking out about your huge life problems..

...the toe-curling embarrassment is a constant.

So comment below with the weirdest, most embarrassing Facebook status you've ever written.

NBC / Via

Awards and badges will be given to the best, craziest, and funniest statuses!

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