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Which Chuckle Brother Are You?

To me. To you. TO EVERYONE!

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    You're hit unexpectedly by someone turning around while carrying a ladder.
    You slip on a banana peel.
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    I like coming up with the plan and delegating the actual work to my team.
    I like to get stuck in the action and to be really involved in making everything come together.
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    "Mocha Ado About Nothing"
    "Oh Dear What Can the Mattress Be?"
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    Alexander Yershov / ThinkStock

Which Chuckle Brother Are You?

You got: Paul Chuckle!

You're top dog: You like to be in charge of situations, you're enterprising, and you're always the first person to come up with the solution to a problem. Sure, you might let everyone else do the work, but every team needs a good manager!

Paul Chuckle!
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You got: Barry Chuckle!

People often take you for granted but don't realise you have hidden depths of talent. While everyone else is arguing about the right way to do something, you'll just keep your head down and work hard.

Barry Chuckle!
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