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This Photo Of A Woman Crossing The Finish Line Of A 10K Against All Odds Is Going Viral

A police officer stepped in to lend her a hand when she was struggling.

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These photos of a police officer helping a woman called Asia Ford across the finish line of her first 10K are going viral.

Facebook: MayorGregFischer

A photo taken by the Paramedic in the ambulance behind her was uploaded separately to Reddit.

The caption explained that a woman who was trying to change her lifestyle was given a helping hand by an officer.

Asia explained what had happened on a post on Facebook:

I messed up and forgot to eat this morning, Lungs still under construction from the pneumonia and on top of all this at mile 4 my son Tj took my hand and ems stopped because I almost had a slip up with my breathing but a police officer by the name of Mr Gregory got out and took my hand to finish the race with my baby and I and WE MADE IT!!! This 6.2 miles meant more to me than any race ever so my message today is, You don't have to be 1st, AS LONG AS U DON'T GIVE UP AND U FINISH...YOU ARE A WINNER!


Asia took to Facebook to express her gratitude for the support she's received:

I have no words about the pouring prayers and support that has poured in my inbox, On my page, text, calls etc. I want you all to know that if I don't respond to your message please don't think I'm ignoring it, it's so many I can't get to them all. I thank God for you all and the officer who is my Angel.