21 Kids Who Refused To Play Along With The Teacher's "Rules"

    Kids: pioneering the wrong-but-right answers to homework questions since forever.

    1. Hope insists on thinking outside the quadrilateral.

    2. This kid who just put his own feelings right out there.

    3. This kid who isn't wrong.

    4. This kid whose answer would hold up in a court of law.

    5. This kid who actually did follow the rules but only to prove how ridiculous they were.

    6. This kid who said it how he saw it.

    7. This kid who knew that, in the future, this is what 2004 would be remembered for.

    8. This kid who had no time for your "social conventions".

    9. This kid who was asked a simple question and gave the most sensible answer.

    10. This kid who believed, like DH Lawrence, that it is better to die than live mechanically a life that is a repetition of repetitions.

    11. This kid who understood there's a thin line between courage and stupidity, and trod it carefully.

    12. This kid who proved that a friend in need of the answer is a friend indeed.

    13. This kid whose answers are a protest against the stupid wording of the question.

    14. This kid who mastered the art of peaceful protest.

    15. This kid who knew his teacher couldn't technically prove him wrong with this answer.

    16. This kid who is both technically and literally correct, despite what his teacher might say.

    17. This kid who was a harsh but fair critic.

    18. This kid who followed the instructions to the letter.

    19. This kid who posits that perhaps true/false is an unhelpful binary.

    20. This kid who's a digital native and makes no apologies for that fact.

    21. This kid who manages to be quietly subversive, even in Chemistry.