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This Woman Schooled A Man On OkCupid After He Accused Her Of Lying In Her Bio

He literally didn't believe she could type 100 words per minute. BuzzFeed News spoke to the woman who proved him wrong.

Natalie Guest is a writer from London who recently had an exchange on OkCupid with a man who thought she was lying in her bio.

Her bio on OkCupid reads:

I can play the spoons, type at 120wpm and deliver a lamb. Studies suggest 9/10 men find these to be desirable traits in a partner.

She told BuzzFeed News: "Obviously, it's very tongue-in-cheek – but also all true."

However, one respondent refused to believe that she could type 120wpm, saying:

I work as a stenographer and type at 85wpm and steno at 160 words per minute. Back when I was doing temp work, every agency was amazed at my legitimately-tested 85 words per minute. One woman said that it was the highest speed she'd ever seen.

He added: "I mean... What a weird thing to lie about on a dating profile."

Instead of just ignoring him, Guest responded, and he challenged her to prove him wrong.

Guest then took him up on his challenge and proved him wrong rather elegantly.

And to be fair to him, he was at least apologetic at the end of it.

Guest told BuzzFeed News that she had considered whether it was worth proving him wrong, since, as she said to him, "his belief in [her] abilities doesn't affect how quickly she can actually type".

Adding, "ON THE OTHER HAND!!! I really love doing typing tests."

The end of her profile says you should message her if you have:

a minimum required typing speed of 60wpm. This is a competitive marketplace after all & none of us are getting any younger.

As a result, she said, "I do genuinely get a LOT of messages from boys telling me how fast they can type. Which is quite endearing."