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British Uni On Instagram Vs British Uni In Real Life

The prospectus didn't prepare you for this. Nothing could.

1. Student halls on Instagram.

Student halls in real life.

2. Required reading on Instagram.

Required reading in real life.

Jo Barrow / BuzzFeed

3. Student dining on Instagram.

Student dining in real life.

4. Pre-drinks on Instagram.

Pre-drinks in real life.

5. Uni advice on Instagram.

Uni advice in real life.

6. University buildings on Instagram.

University buildings in real life.

7. Christmas at uni on Instagram.

Christmas at uni in real life.

8. University societies on Instagram.

University societies in real life.

9. Nightclub photography on Instagram.

Nightclub photography in real life.

10. Lectures on Instagram.

Lectures in real life.

11. All-nighters on Instagram.

All-nighters in real life.

12. Dating at uni on Instagram.

Dating at uni in real life.

13. Fancy dress at uni on Instagram.

Fancy dress at uni in real life.

14. Campus wildlife on Instagram.

Campus wildlife in real life.

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