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    This Is The Most Weirdly Specific And Amazing Pizza Receipt You Will Ever See

    Ordering pizza would be even more fun if everyone wrote instructions like these.

    Redditor Caboosium uploaded this pizza receipt with two of the most bizarre customer requests ever.

    First the customer is very particular about their crust needs.

    Crust a little crisper than normal, but not too crispy, if that's not vague enough, make it like you're taking revenge on a cheating boyfriend, but you still want to reconcile in the not so distant future.

    In the instructions for the delivery, the customer wrote some helpful tips.

    The gate is tricky, please don't break it. & the spider on the porch is called Frank. Be nice to Frank, he guards the tomatoes.

    BuzzFeed have contacted the owner of the photo for a comment on the strange request.