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20 People Who Need To Log Off Facebook And Think About What They've Just Done


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1. Jade, why? Just why?

2. This girl who really shouldn't have had to turn to Facebook to fix this problem.

3. This guy who should probably think before sharing his realisations with his friend list.

4. This guy whose new profile picture was a car crash from start to finish.

5. Shawn, who might want to reconsider his application to Dragons' Den.

6. Craig, who is a total legend.

7. Kieron, who dreams small.

8. This person who went full Jaden Smith.

9. This person who probably signs their letters "baby kangaroo Tribbiani".

10. This person who lols their way through the pain.

11. This guy who makes very poor life decisions.

12. This guy who clearly uploaded that picture just so he could have it as a Tinder profile pic.

13. Kyle, who doesn't want to quit smoking that much.

14. This person who has opinions on Canadians.

15. This person who expressed a very real fear.

16. This girl who crowdsourced her sex life.

17. Vedant, who respects any girl who knows all the lyrics to The Great Gatsby.

18. Jonathan.

19. This person who didn't think.

20. Hunter, who had an intense three hours.

The article originally referred to Jaden Pinkett-Smith; that has now been corrected to the name he goes by: Jaden Smith.