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    25 Things Every British Teenager Did

    No British adolescence was complete without mastering a WKD strawpedo.

    1. Strawpedo-ing WKD blues.

    2. Putting as inappropriate a name on your leavers' hoodie as you could get away with.

    3. Spending all your Friday afternoons drinking in parks with your classmates.

    Jo Barrow

    4. Planning huge and destructive pranks for the final day of term – but settling for something like this in case you got banned from prom.

    5. Doodling all over your homework diary constantly.

    6. Going to your first proper music festival.

    Yui Mok / PA Archive/Press Association Images

    7. Going on a lads / girly holiday and swearing never to tell a single soul what happened there.

    Channel 4

    8. Attributing way too much significance to your year 11 leaver's prom.

    9. Treating prom like the last chance you'll have to finally get with your crush – even though you'd be going to the same sixth form as them anyway.

    10. Going through a regrettable teenage phase – though at the time you swore you were emo till you die.

    11. Suffering the agony of having to study through the only sunshine Britain ever gets every March to May.

    12. Being really excited about passing your driving test - until you realise you'll have to drive your mates everywhere.

    13. Revising for your GCSEs with CGP Books.

    14. Spending every winter hoping for a Snow Day.

    15. Bleaching parts of your hair badly because your ma wouldn't pay for a hairdresser to do it.

    16. Rag week.

    17. Performing some kind of wildly inappropriate dance in front of your entire year/school.


    18. Having totally inappropriate crushes on your teachers at sixth form.

    College Hill Pictures

    19. Pulling off an elaborate plan to escape your parents and go and get drunk somewhere.

    Channel 4

    20. Then blaming something totally credible like food poisoning when you were horrifically hungover the next day.


    21. Spending time on the coach during school trips listening with your mate to their iPod with one earbud each.

    22. Actually making it into a club with your borrowed ID and trying to act like you belonged there.

    23. Believing wholeheartedly that if a teacher was 15 minutes late for class then class was cancelled.

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