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    Police Actually Cordoned Off A Swan In Bath

    Only in Britain...

    The police were called in to cordon off a swan that decided to nap in the middle of the road in Bath this week.

    Anthony Grimley /

    Police Community Support Officers Ashley Bintcliffe and Mike Symonds were at hand to rescue the swan.

    Worried residents called up the police after two cygnets started wandering across streets in Widcome, Bath on Thursday.

    They were being chased down by police community support officers when one decided to take a nap in the middle of a busy street.

    Concerned for their safety, the two PCSOs cordoned off the bird to prevent drivers from hurting them.

    Bintcliffe said: “They were young birds but pretty big and strong. Luckily they stayed quite calm, although one tried to give me a good pecking and the other left Mike needing a change of trousers."

    So, nothing at all like Hot Fuzz then?


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