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28 Things Every British Schoolgirl Did In The '00s

"Am I 'Charlie Red' or 'So.... Kiss Me!' today?"

1. Spent ages playing the "Love Calculator" and working out which way of doing it would give you the best result.

2. Played M.A.S.H. during rainy day lunch breaks.

3. And you'd do both of these with your huge collection of gel pens.

4. Agonised over which body spray to buy from Superdrug.

5. Perfectly applied hair mascara for that casual sunkissed look.

6. Covered yourself in body glitter.

7. Sprayed a thick layer of hair glitterall over your head.

8. Bought one of these for each of your best friends every time you went on holiday.

9. Tried to keep your holiday hair braid in for as long as possible.

10. Begged your mum to buy you the sassy tops from Tammy Girl.

11. Watched SM:TV Live every Saturday morning.

12. Spent ages creating the perfect cool MSN name.

13. Flirted with SmarterChild whenever you were bored.

14. Owned loads of "Bang On The Door" stationary.

15. Nudged your friends on MSN if they weren't paying enough attention to you.

16. Kept your P.E. kit in a Jane Norman bag.

17. Read all the Jacqueline WIlson books.

18. Made you and your crush get married in Sims 2.

19. Went bowling but spent the entire time playing Dance Dance Revolution in the arcade.

20. Wrote love messages to your BFFs on Bebo.

21. Agonised who would go into your top 8 on MySpace.

22. Got married to your best friend on Facebook.

23. Took long baths with bath pearls you bought from the Body Shop.

24. Lusted after the D&G Motorola Razr.

25. But actually, you were just glad to finally have a phone at all.

26. Went through a phase where you wore Jack Wills all the time.

27. Desperately want to be Marissa, Sugar or Effie.

28. And of course, drank way too much Smirnoff Ice.