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    Nov 7, 2014

    17 Times You Realised No One Was Coming To Save You

    This is it now. You're on your own.

    1. When you want to ask, who hurt the person that did this? Who hurt them?

    2. When you were utterly fucked.

    3. When there was no shortcut to fix your problems.

    4. When you realised that you were not above licking icing off cardboard.

    5. When the printer ceased to perform even the most basic functions.

    6. When your future became horribly apparent to you.

    7. When you overcame all your fears about online dating only to be confronted by this.

    8. When your walk to work suddenly got interesting.

    9. When life spat in the face of chronic back pain.

    10. When you were actually really pleased to receive this card from your niece - until you opened it.

    11. When Siri abandoned you in a time of crisis.

    12. When the unthinkable happened.

    13. When all your fears were realised.

    14. When you find yourself in a situation and you have no idea how you got there.

    15. When life stops you in your tracks.

    16. When you pay the price for letting curiosity get the better of you.

    17. When you are forced to confront the needless destruction of something you love.

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