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The 17 Most Majestic Things That Ever Existed

Revel in the serene beauty of mother nature's greatest creations.

1. Witness, the majestic wolf interact with his zookeeper with the utmost grace and poise.

2. Behold. The entrance to the very heart of Canadian democracy, protected by two ancient stone guardians. On the right, a proud and fearsome lion. On the left, an idiot unicorn trying to hide his erection.

3. Lo, the magnificent stag in his natural habitat.

4. Dwell upon the extraordinary elegance man's best and oldest friend demonstrates upon entering the pool.

5. Consider, if you will, the understated grandeur of this bumblebee.

6. Gaze in awe at the regal sleevepup, masterfully guarding the laptop.

7. Fear the silent, deadly predator as he stalks his prey.

8. Behold the majestic sea flapflaps leap above the surface.

9. Observe the regal Canadian Moose, as it canters gently like the wind.

10. Contemplate the quiet nobility of the king of the jungle.

11. Notice how the lofty household cat reclines with all the grace and elegance of its species.

12. Examine the proud horse, as formidable as he is grand.

13. Note the wild flamingo, bathing gracefully in a watering hole.

14. Sigh in wonder at the elegance of the camel's gallop across the desert plains.

15. Contemplate the wild mop, hair glorious in the wind.

16. Observe the wild shopping cart in its natural habitat. Majestic.... serene... utterly at ease.

17. Gaze out upon the full magnificence of the city of San Francisco.